First Game Ever!

This is a play report for the first game I ever GM’ed. It is set in Dyson Logos’ very awesome “Dyson’s Delve”.

Today’s Cast:
-Pollaro, a stoic dwarven warrior.
-Stoich the Stalker, an amorous elvish thief.
-Wren the Unpronounceable, a cryptic elvish sorceress.

Our heroes began their journey in The Crossroads, a small inn situated on a back-water crossroads. They have gathered together, hearing rumours of a dragon guarding a horde deep within a dark dungeon near here. While Stoich gets himself drunk, the others gather information and hire a man-at-arms named Ricky and a porter named Franklin (both generated using Telecanter’s Hireling Traits table). Then they set off towards the ruined tower beneath which lay the Delve…

After going inside without precaution and quickly taking out two goblin guards, Stoich tried exploring by himself–as he was drunk, this was a bad idea. He came back in a panic, talking about small tunnels in the walls (the player was himself a little tipsy, so he added some verisimilitude to his role-playing). The party wended their way through the tunnels and quickly set upon a nest of Giant Ferrets. Ricky got his throat torn out, Pollaro ended up unconscious, and Wren used his sleep spell to take out the ferrets; then they fled out a back entrance. Franklin high-tailed it back to town, and the rest of the party decided to camp in the ruins.

Next morning, they reentered the cavern, and Stoich (now thankfully sober) sneaked off and quietly slit the throats of 12 Giant Rats (a marvellous series of rolls if I ever saw one), and stole all their copper (why did the rats have 3000cp? That’s a question for Mr. Dyson…). Bragging of his deed, but keeping the coins secret, Stoich led the party back into the dungeon proper, where they killed a pair of goblin rat-catchers and their pet ferret. After resting a while (because Pollaro was unconscious again), they sneaked up on and back-stabbed a group of goblins, their runty cousin and their chief. Pollaro ended up unconscious yet again (much to his player’s chagrin). Meanwhile, Stoich split open the hobgoblin’s chest, and insisted on splitting the silver in only two shares. Wren, loyal and Lawful, gave Pollaro half his share.
For a first game, I think I did well enough. Everyone had a blast, and that’s all I cared about. I realised after that there was no way in reality that Stoich could have been able to hide 3000cp from his friends; but time for a reality check next game.


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