Return to Dyson’s Delve

Success! All five of my promised players turned up. Well, eventually. I had three players to start with, one of them who’d never played before. She rolled up her character (Lillian), and made a lego figure. By this time, the only people who’d shown up were Wren’s and Tyrael’s players, so I dug out yet another 1PD to play: “Ruined Dwarf Artificer Lab and Temple” from the 2009 1PD compendium. The party had just about made it over the bridge into the main complex, however, when Stoich’s and Pollaro’s players arrived, so we continued into the Delve, as I had intended all along.
Today’s Cast:
-Wren the Unpronounceable, a cryptic elvish sorceress
-Tyrael, a young apprentice cleric.
-Stoich the Stalker, an amorous elvish thief
-Pollaro, a stoich dwarven warrior
-Lillian, a dextrous but dull-witted thief.
Wren, Stoich and Pollaro, after recovering from their fight with the goblins, found Tyrael and Lillian, who had been shoved into barrels by the goblins. They quickly joined the party with the others. Before they could do anything else, they were set upon by a patrol of goblins; the goblins were quickly dispatched, but not before Pollaro was badly wounded.
The only place left unexplored on this level was the section behind the skull-painted doors, so the party headed in that direction. Pollaro and Stoich set to one of the two doors, and quickly broke it in two. Our heroes passed the door, and came to a room with a sarcophagus, and a mural of a heroic priest behind. The party opened the sarcophagus, preparing to fight whatever emerged; but it only contained a desiccated corpse. The party went on, and found a choice of two doors; the party chose south, encountering a series of catacombs littered with animated skeletons.
Tyrael successfully Turned all nine of them, and our heroes gleefully reaped the XP to be had for slaughtering the helpless skeletons. Very little of value was found here, except for a few silver coins amongst the rags, and a ring worn by one of the skeletons (which, unbeknownst to our heroes, is magical). Then they ventured into the next room, which contained another sarcophagus.
Not ready to be caught off guard, they took up positions around the sarcophagus, and Pollaro forced it open. A chain-mail wearing zombie with a fine dagger in its chest sprang out, and slew Tyrael before he could Turn it. The fight that followed was fast and furious. Our heroes managed to back the zombie into a corner, but it fought back, and almost pushed Lillian into the sarcophagus. In the end, though, the zombie was slain, and our heroes decided to return to the surface with Tyrael’s remains.
Stoich befriended Tyrael’s pet donkey, Horace, and Tyrael was interred near the tower ruins. Everyone returned to the inn, with Horace hauling most of the coinage. They bartered with the innkeeper, Aloysius Blackbeard, who agreed to store their money safely. Stoich went to the adjoining stables, and bought shoes for Horace. The others met another travelling cleric, Ishtar of Thor, who agreed to join them in their quest. The party made a quick search of the rest of the first level of the Delve, and then decided to retire to the inn for the night.

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