Frog Gods & Other things

As usual, only two players have made it. Next week, I think I’m going with a different day.
Before we began, I let the players choose new alignments, according to Dyson’s awesome Alternate Alignments post. Wren went with Chaotic Blasé, and Pollaro went with Murderous Wallflower.
Today’s Cast:
-Wren the Unpronounceable, a cryptic elvish sorceress
-Pollaro, a stoich dwarven warrior
While in Sanor to get supplies, Wren and Pollaro heard word of a village in the swamps to the north that was beset by a tribe of frog people. As adventurers, they felt it their duty (“At least, our duty to our wallets,” said Wren) to help them out. First, they recruited an elvish archer named Sylina, who demanded an equal share in all treasure. Our heroes travelled north into the swamp, and soon found the village. The priest, in charge of the local shrine, directed them towards the frog-man lair.
Down at the foot of the steps was a large, pillared chamber. Four frogmen kept guard. Sylina took one out with an arrow before they were aware of our heroes. Battle was quickly joined. Another frogman was felled, and the two survivors fled down one of the passages. Our heroes debated which way to go; as they did, a horde of six frogmen came out of one of the other passages, surprising them.
It was a hard battle, and Wren was knocked unconscious before he could even think to cast a spell. Pollaro and Sylina managed to kill the remaining frogs, but they all suffered from heavy wounds. They retreated to the village, where they asked the priest for healing. The priest asked 50gp for each healing. Pollaro threatened him, saying that their mission was to save the priest’s village. In the end, the priest performed all three healings for 50gp. Then our heroes returned to the frog lair.
There were only two guards this time; our heroes quickly dispatched them, and began exploring. They burst their way into a store room, filled with junk; they found some coins, but nothing of great value (they also missed the secret door which was there). The only other thing they found while exploring this part of the lair was a series of murals depicting some kind of frog god.
The final room was covered in pools—the central pool had a golden statue of the frog god—and there were twelve frogs with spears scattered around, all talking avidly about something (or croaking, at least). Hiding in the corridor, our heroes came up with a plan to defeat them all. Sylina let off a quick shot, killing one of the frogs. Wren charmed another, and it took up arms in Wren’s defence. The battle was fierce; but because the frogs had to navigate the pools and pillars to reach the fight, our heroes managed to survive (although the charmed frog didn’t).
They found a tunnel at the bottom of the main pool, and Sylina & Wren swam along it to the end; Pollaro, with his heavy armour, decided to stand watch. At the far end, they found a frog priest praying to another statue. He cast inflict fear on Wren and Sylina. Wren made his saving throw, but Sylina didn’t, and fled down a tunnel. Wren attacked the priest with his spear, and made short work of him. Wren pulled a ring off the priest’s corpse, and followed Sylina down the tunnel.
There was a pool at the far end, and Sylina said she could see something in it. Wren dove in, and managed to grab a small sack, carrying a few dozen gold coins and three gems, which they shared. But before he could go in to get more out—for there was more—he became ill and started to go green. Sylina dragged him back through the tunnel, and she and Pollaro ran him back to the village. There, the priest removed the curse on him for a reduced fee.
Our heroes trekked back through the swamp towards Sanor, where they were set upon by giant centipedes. Pollaro was quickly knocked unconscious by their paralysing pincers, but Wren managed to kill two of them before the others fled.
Sylina helped Wren carry Pollaro all the way to Sanor, where she took her leave of them. Wren and Pollaro went to find Rumelor the Magnificent, to sell their gems. Wren got 50gp for his ruby, but Rumelor didn’t have enough money to fairly pay for Pollaro’s diamond (which I rolled as being worth 750gp). He identified their rings—both of which were magical: Pollaro’s ring would cast the spell shield once per day, while Wren’s was a Ring of Protection. Given that Pollaro’s AC was already good (and is going to get better once he gets his plate mail), they decided to swap, and now need to search for a sage who can translate the command words carved inside the rings.
Rumelor offered them one more piece of advice (for a fee): the merchant, Argos of Sanor, was making it known that he was searching for all sorts of magical tomes and codexes, and would pay a premium for such. Wren and Pollaro, on their way back to the Crossroads Inn, began to devise a plan to trap Argos.

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