Zak is Awesome

I know many people have said this, but it wants repeating: Zak is awesome. He comes up with some of the best random tables for rushed DMs the blogosphere has ever seen. So, to do him an honour, I have taken two of his recent tables and turned them into printer-friendly one-page charts.

Here is his Quicky Fortress/Small Castle Generator. I had to tweak some of the wording to make it fit, which loses some of the original awesomeness, but everything mechanical is still there.

Here is his Humanoid Horde Details. Since it had less text, I didn’t need to digest anything. If I’d had the time, I might have found an interesting picture to put in the gap.

Also in the category of “Awesome One-Page Things that you HAVE to put in your binder NOW” is Telecanter’s series: Potions, Drugs and Rings. Along with this stuff, and random tables from everywhere, my 40-page clear folder is now almost full (I have so little room for the awesomeness-to-come! *sigh*).


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