Magic: The Gathering

Magic: the Gathering is releasing a new set of cards, the second in the Innistrad block. Innistrad is a world where everything out of Hammer Horror movies is real: vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, etc. Anyway, one of the new cards inspired me to create a new kind of undead for Labyrinth Lord.

Dungeon Geists
No. Enc.:            3 (1d6x3)
Alignment:         Chaotic
Movement:         120′ (40′)
Armour Class:    4
Hit Dice:             2
Attacks:              1
Damage:             (special) or 1d6
Save:                  F2
Morale:              8
Hoard Class:      XXI
XP:                   56

Dungeon Geists are silent, hooded creatures which appear to be wrapped in shrouds. They always appear in groups of three, and carry long, rusted chains with them at all times. A trio of dungeon geists will all attack the same character, attempting to wrap him in the chains (attacking at +2 with the chains); once a geist’s chains are in place, it will attack another nearby character it can reach without letting go of the chain. The first hit will cause the character to get a -2 penalty to-hit; the second will give the character a 50% movement penalty; once three chains are attached to the character, he is completely paralysed and can only speak. Once the geists have trapped their victim, they will attempt to drag him to their secret lair, where they will devour him. Like all undead, Dungeon Geists are invulnerable to charm, sleep, hold spells; they are also invulnerable to all non-magical weapons, and their chains can only be broken by powerful magical blows, or strikes from high-level (15+) characters.


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