The Order of the Dragon Hunters

Finally, the group is back together after a lengthy summer break. We returned to the game by cleaning up the aftermath of a semi-successful demon hunt in the city: that is to say, the sudden execution of about a third of the city council (all of whom were part of the demon cult). Then some giant hunting, and back to the city for some dicing and drunkenness.

(By the way, this was the first session of this group that I wasn’t the DM. Instead, I rolled up a Dwarven Swashbuckler with 18 DEX & CON – at 6th level, he had 67hp, much to the derision of the thief with 12)

We had the standard rumours of a treasure somewhere out in  the wilderness (an old gambler who sold his soul for excellent luck had buried all of his treasure in his hidden tomb), so we followed the guys who told us about the treasure. They cleared out all the traps between us and the key, so all we had to do was venture somewhere else and into the dungeon. The dungeon was dark and featureless, apart from the ‘lock’ at the beginning of each level: a huge black stone d6 hung in the air, and we had to roll it to open the door – what the consequences are, we’re not sure.

So far, there are only two things of note: this empty dungeon is inhabited solely by winter wolves, frost salamanders and gelatinous cubes, an odd juxtaposition, and one which is hinted to be relevant. The other one was that Lagnar the Swashbuckler was cartwheeling down the corridor after having done nothing to fight the last monsters, when the wizard and the thief aimed for his jewels. The wizard missed, but the thief scored a critical hit! A further roll revealed that it was a “save or die” crit, which the dwarf failed: definitely the most hilarious moment of gaming I have ever experienced. Needless to say, he didn’t actually die… but he won’t be having kids, ever.


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