Further adventures in the Golden Devil’s Dungeon

After Lagnar was ‘crippled’ in the last session, we ventured further down into the dungeon, facing more monsters – mostly acid beetles, although there were some poisonous frogs we decided not to touch. Two levels were like that, and on the fourth level, we began to encounter tiny air elementals that raised up clouds of dust. They were easy to defeat, but annoying to fight because of their numbers. So much so that Lagnar got auto-killed by one of them (I rolled a nat 1 on my save vs. death).

The others beat a hasty retreat out of the dungeon, and then took Lagnar’s body all the way up north to be buried. Celeldur discovered that his spellbook had been ruined due to a water trap, and so spent many long evenings on the trip rescribing the spells from memory (I’m probably ridiculously lenient on this, but I rule 3 spell levels per day, at a cost of 50gp per spell level; still, it cost him over a thousand gold).

A sorcerer joined the crew, and we progressed further through the dungeon. The sorcerer is a class of my creation (sort of). It relies on custom-built spells with a d20 chance to cast X times per day. He tried to mind-control an air elemental 3 times, and failed, right before the Celeldur remembered that he had a scroll of ward versus elementals

The final level has plenty of puzzles for us to solve. The latest was a giant ice-boulder that chased us down corridors and around corners Indiana Jones-style.

It’s been pretty entertaining, being on the player side of the screen, but I think I’m ready to head back to the DM’s side. Sam is also ready to switch back to the player’s side, which is likely to happen as soon as we find all the loot at the bottom of this dungeon…


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