Assassinations, Demon Summonings and Divine Intervention

Last night’s session was…VERY interesting. It was one of those times where there’s very little fighting, no treasure (bar pickpocketing), but it seems like a lot is accomplished. As a bonus, none of my prepared material was even touched, so I still have stuff for more sessions.

Last night was the first time in six months that one player has been able to come, and he was really stoked to be playing again. His character, Louiee, was resurrected by a Chaotic Evil demi-goddess, and last time, he slaughtered three or four random passers-by on the street and drank their blood off his sword – crazy stuff.

This time, once we’d sorted out the new player, Louiee decided to beseech his patron for the strength to wield his two-handed sword one-handed. This went about as well as you’d expect: she threatened to smite him hard unless he killed someone “of import” (there was a lot of confusion over that last word: “someone in the port?”). So Louiee decided to go ambush a rich-looking merchant. At 9 in the morning. In the middle of the market place. Yeah. It didn’t go so well, because that fat merchant had a lot of adrenaline to pull from. So Louiee casually decided to go to the temple, and see who he could kill there.

Turned out that today was Temple-day. The congregation was full, and the High Priest was leading them in prayers. Louiee walks right up the aisle and almost beheads the guys from behind. Then, in a blaze of unholy fire, the priest gets raised as a wraith to serve him (rolled that on Noism’s table here). Things go downhill from here.

By this point, I am sitting behind my DM’s screen laughing, because I couldn’t make this stuff up. The thief is picking pockets of the fleeing worshippers, the new guy’s wizard is just watching, while the player is wondering what the heck is going on, while the guy who plays the lawful-good cleric is face-palming. This is a brilliant example of the players going off the rails: when it happens, it happens HARD.

So, after this, Louiee and the thief (and their conspicuous undead pet) flee the city under the cover of darkness. The cleric and the other wizard (who’s player turned up halfway through–he was not exactly thrilled with the recap) got thrown in jail for being friends with Louiee. Then the cleric is sent a holy vision of a demon summoning–the players knew it was coming, but the events today precipitated it.

Then we get the easiest jail-break ever: since I wanted the players to have a reasonable chance of actually getting to the summoning in time, the cleric’s god was kind enough to unlock the cell and put the guards on that floor to sleep. Thus followed the easiest jail-break ever, followed by the easiest demon-fight ever (too easy, as all the players suspiciously noted), and then – I am not kidding – they broke back into jail, and locked themselves into their cell.

All in all, it was an amazing session. It’s a pity that Louiee’s player can’t come by more often. But it’s a lot of fun when he does turn up, and it made for a brilliant first time for the new guy. He’ll definitely be back for more next week.


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