Session Report

This week’s session was fun, and full on. It started by finishing the combat we had paused in the middle of last week, and then a disappointingly unclimactic showdown with a major villain of the campaign: Argos of Sanor, the merchant-lord. After almost successfully evading spells on his way through the combat zone, the PCs managed to turn his mercenaries against him, allowing the invisible thief to sneak up and backstab the merchant. We’ve recently introduced Jeff’s “Purple d30” rule, so the thief used that for his (doubled) damage. He managed to deal 51 damage with that hit. Argos had 1 hit point remaining (he had been so close to teleporting out, too).

Following that, the party delved into the dungeons below the wizard’s tower, and stumbled across a fun machine I’ve had planned for ages: a device which can shift points between stats, in a random and occasionally painful fashion. After the 15-hp thief got a bad lot by gaining wisdom and losing MORE constitution, there was a lot of dithering from the other players, who wanted to play with the machine to boost detrimental scores, but didn’t want to risk weakening a good stat and/or take a ridiculous amount of damage (they hadn’t puzzled out which lever did which, or that I was just rolling 2d6 for damage. Since I rolled 5 and 10 for the thief, in that order, they assumed that the next lot of damage would be 15 or 20). In the end, only 2 other players dared try the machine out, and got some pretty good deals (the fighter gained 9 DEX, up from 5, and lost 2 CHA and about 6hp). Then there was a fight with some scorpions with a teleporting poison, and the session drew to a close.

Some Thoughts…
I’m glad that we finally got the opportunity to use the “Purple d30” rule, even though it’s red. I got it weeks ago, but nobody’s ever remembered to use it. So I built a stand for it out of LEGO (pictured left with some of the minis we use).

Another thing: it was quite gratifying to see the PCs playing with a metagame tool that would allow them to change themselves. It’s the kind of thing that Telecanter mentions on occasion, and that I always wanted to specifically try, but it never seemed to happen until now.


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