My 2 cents on the 5e playtest

I got the playtest today, and I had a fairly mixed reaction (going into it with a neutral state of mind, unlike many grognards out there). There was good, and there was bad, as far as I could tell.

Good: the Advantage/Disadvantage rule. This states that, if there is a situation that would give you an advantage in an action (e.g. attacking from higher ground, etc.), you could roll twice and take the better result. Disadvantage is the same, but opposite. This, I think serves to reduce rampant situational modifiers. The best bit is that you can only reroll once, not once for every advantageous circumstance.
Saving throws are folded into ability scores: so you make a Wisdom saving throw, not a save vs. spells or a will save, etc. Much easier to explain to the beginning player.

Bad: A first-level wizard has like 3 spells, not counting at-will cantrips (like light, or FREAKING MAGIC MISSILE). Clerics are the same (with an at-will magic crossbow). Too much power, too quickly. We don’t see progression beyond third level, but this is way more powerful than any old-school thing.
There are no detailed rules for this, as such, but we will still have extensive skill lists with high modifiers (from what I saw, they’d easily get up to 6 at first level for PCs with a high stat).

Also, I got a bit confused about hit-points, but at first level a PC has at least his CON in hp. But, something I did like, a CON modifier doesn’t act as a modifier to your HD roll when you level, but a minimum.

So, I think it could go either way. That said, there’s probably enough free RPGs out there for me to use (and/or hack mercilessly) that I don’t think I’ll ever use more than ideas from this as house rules. But, we shall see with future releases.


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