Play report

Last night we played our first game in over a fortnight (study has been catching up with us). One player was absent, so the other PCs stuffed his character into the petrification tube for safe-keeping. After messing about with the ability-changing machines, the party ventured deeper into the archmage Zaedis’ tower. They ran into another of the strange experiments of the archmage: albino drakes that drain DEX. After the leech-rats and teleporter-scorpions, they weren’t too keen to run into anything else. The corridor they were following dead-ended in three doors. The thief failed to pick the massive, stone door, so they went through another that had obviously been opened recently. Inside, they came across another party of intruders: two ogres, their cave-troll pet, some hobgoblins, a few goblins that got away, and an ogre mage.

As per usual, the party mage opened with an iceball, which took out everything but the troll, an ogre and the ogre mage. The troll proceeded to maul the dwarf, dropping him to unconscious in a single round. After a failed attempt to charm the mage, the ogre mage let loose a cone of cold, killing the party mage, and dropping everyone else but the cleric. The cleric killed the troll, by which time the ogre mage had turned invisible and floated out of the room. Once the thief and the dwarf were conscious again, they tried to lug the mage’s body out of the dungeon, as per his last request (to be frozen in ice). That was when they hit a snag.

They had passed through a random teleporter trap, and now they had no idea how to get back. Not willing to chance a dash through the dungeon low on spells and health, they decided to rest behind the third door. In the middle of the night, during the thief’s watch, some mysterious voices were heard in a dark corner of the room. Being a coward (and only having 15 hp to boot), the thief woke up the dwarf, who in turn woke up the cleric (so no new hit points or spells come morning). It turned out that three two-headed figures were arguing about something in a strange language. When they noticed the party, they made threatening gestures and ordered them to leave. The PCs gladly complied. They braved the teleporter trap several times, and finally made it out of the dungeon. At this point, the dwarf’s player had to leave.

Back in the city, I cracked open Zak’s take on Jeff’s carousing rules for the first time (possibly with some of my own additions, I’m not sure). Anyway, the two remaining players with surviving characters (the mage was still rolling) decided to Carouse Excessively, which gives them +25%, but opens up the mishaps table. The very respectable cleric got all drugged up and joined the cult of emu-kissing (at least, that’s all he can remember). The thief wound up burning down half of the south bank, with only the cleric as a witness, and then threw the mage’s corpse at the captain of the guard, getting imprisoned and fined 4000gp for his troubles. The thief was left with 7gp in cash after that fiasco, while the cleric had to spend a night in the temple atoning. Sometime around now, they met the replacement character, and realised that they had left the other PC in the petrification machine in the dungeon. So, with their new friend, they decided to go in and get him out.

They didn’t really get too much further in, deciding to stay clear of the teleporting traps. They ran into a giant, flying spider-lizard that nearly killed the cleric, they met (and this time negotiated with) another party of trolls and ogres, and then left (it being about 1:30am by this point).
An interesting observation: both of my long-running players are now on their third characters, always the same class (cleric and mage, respectively). The cleric player has been slain by zombies all three times, courtesy of Dyson’s Delve. The wizard player has had interesting karma: his first PC was ridiculously lucky, avoiding being hit by the same things that were hitting the heavily-armoured cleric right next time, and he died to a ridiculously unlucky critical hit. The second PC was a dedicated frost-mage, having icy versions of ice-ball, lightning bolt, hold person, etc, and died to a cone of cold. Irony, eh.


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