Solar System Generation revisited

I was thinking about my previous post, and I decided that there’s still too much information: when you get into the outer zone, you’re rolling for planets that are simply too cold to be habitable anyway. And it usually ends up with way more planets than our system, anyway, and that’s another source of too much information. So: a simpler solution.

Each solar system has:
1d6 Gas Giants
1d6 Lifeless Rocks
1d3 Asteroid Belts
1d6-3 Planets

Arrange them as you like: if you’re going for a Sol-like vibe, clump the Lifeless Rocks in the hot zone, and clump the Gas Giants in the cold zone. Give them moons, if you want. For each “planet”, roll 1d6 twice, once for Atmosphere, once for Temperature (see previous post for scale; alternatively, roll on the Stars Without Number tables, or anything similar), and maybe again for gravity. “Planets” can be anywhere (based on their Temperature): near the sun, in the outer rim, orbiting a Gas Giant, in an Asteroid Belt, whatever.

Now a test.

Here’s what I rolled:
5 Gas Giants
4 Lifeless Rocks
2 Asteroid Belts
2 Planets

It’s going to look like this:
3 Lifeless Rocks
Planet, A5/T5, 3 small moons
Asteroid Belt
2 Gas Giants
1 Gas Giant with a moon T1/A3
2 Gas Giants
Asteroid Belt
Lifeless Rock


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