Planet Generator

I’ve been thinking further about Stars Without Number’s planet-generating tables. I read through GURPS Space the other day, and it has a complex series of tables for determining the shape of the system (as GURPS does), but it specifically made allowances for the type of inhabited planet the GM planned to put in it. (GURPS space is a great read for anyone running a sci-fi campaign, or planning to, even if you never play GURPS in your life. It’s loaded with amazing tips on constructing a setting).

Anywho, that got me thinking again about the balance of the “character” of the place, and the physical shape of the solar system. About how to balance everything so that each generated system would be unique and fun, and at the same time fast to generate and easy to note down.

Then I gave up, and quickly did up a roll-all-the-dice table. (Note: I cribbed most of the stuff on the d20 column and some from the d12 from SWN, so I can’t claim credit for that. I just picked the good ones.)

Next, I plan to put up a roll-all-the-dice table for generating cities in D&D (as if we needed another (as if the world needed another system for generating a solar system, at that)).


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