A Foray into Dragon Age

Tonight, we decided to take a break from our regular D&D. One of the guys wants to start a game of the  Dragon Age RPG, so we thought, since not many showed up, we would give him a “test run” as a GM. This was a good idea, as it took a while to get our collective heads around the new system.

We didn’t really get very far. Character creation took a while, and then we got into our first combat… Oh, boy. There were three of us, a warrior and 2 mages. Four genlocks (darkspawn-cursed dwarf monsters) jumped out of the chasm in front of us. After the first surprise round, the warrior got shoved a short way down the chasm. My mage character cast a fire spell–and rolled nearly minimum damage. That was laughed about for a good minute or so. Next round, the other mage ran out of combat range of the genlocks, so the ones that resisted his paralyzation spell decided to gang up on my character, who promptly started dying.

The warrior got shoved into the chasm a few more times, and finally lost his grip and tumbled to his death. The other mage just started running circles around the genlocks, hitting them with spells until they died from attrition (at least, they would have if we’d kept going).

So, all in all, an entertaining near-TPK, and a great learning experience for Josh. He’ll probably end up taking more sessions in the future.


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