Custom Class: Sorcerer

After quite a bit of toiling and nit-picking with some of my players, I have come up with a sorcerer class that I like better than anything else I’ve tried so far. Enjoy.

Sorcerer (Wizard sub-class)
Hit Dice: 1d4
Prime Requisite: Charisma

The sorcerer is treated as a wizard in all respects, but for the following differences:

They can cast wizard spells spontaneously. They gain 1d4 magic points each level (1d4+1 at first level); casting a spell requires the expenditure of 2 points/spell level. After a full night’s sleep, a sorcerer regains 2d4 magic points. After a full day’s rest, with no strenuous activities, a sorcerer regains 2d8+CHA magic points.

A sorcerer knows only 2 spells per spell level (or 1+CHA, whichever is higher); they may pick one spell of any level when they level up, or they may replace a spell they already know with a new spell (doing so fixes this spell in their mind, and it may not be replaced, and the spell lost this way cannot be relearned). The spells chosen may come from the standard spell list, or any spell the sorcerer has seen cast, or read. Sorcerers automatically know read magic, which only costs 1 point to cast.

To cast, the sorcerer rolls d%, trying to roll under the given number, with a penalty equal to the spell level. A failed attempt to cast a spell costs half of the normal number of points (rounded up). Rolling under chance divided by 10 (round down) is a critical success, which costs half of the normal points; rolling 95-100 is a critical failure, and costs the full amount of points; in addition, rolling 100 causes a spell mishap to occur.

Level    Skill
1    55%   
2    58%    3
3    62%    4
4    65%    3
5    68%    3
6    72%    4
7    75%    3
8    77%    2
9    79%    2
10    81%    2
11    83%    2
12    85%    2
13    87%    2
14    89%    2
15    91%    2
16    93%    2
17    95%    2
18    97%    2
19    98%    1
20    100%    2

At fifth level, the sorcerer can change part of a spell, increasing its cost by 1 magic point. The sorcerer can change a fireball to a lightningball or a firebolt; flesh-to-stone can become flesh-to-crystal or flesh-to-ice; massmorph can transform the targets into rocky pillars rather than trees. Any cosmetic change is acceptable, as long as it is not an out-and-out increase in power, but situational. DM rulings here.

At ninth level, the sorcerer can increase the potency of spells. To do this, the sorcerer must take a 5% penalty per increase of potency, and pay an additional 2 points if the spell is successful. If the spell succeeds, the sorcerer can increase the damage of the spell by 1 die, increase the range or duration, impose a save penalty of two, etc. The DM may rule that a stated increase of potency is worth a greater penalty/cost.

At eleventh level, the sorcerer can begin to research magic spells and forge magic items. He can build a tower and gain followers as the wizard.

(By the way, the gaining of magic points and the percentile progression are both things I ripped off of the Basic Fantasy RPG: Questing expansion, so I can’t claim credit there).


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