A Card Game

I learned this really neat card game on New Years. It works best with three people. You deal out the entire deck (with two jokers) between the three; the aim of the game is to assemble a full suit in your hand.

When it’s your turn, you pick another player. They have the option of putting up to three cards from their hand face down in front of you. You may pick the pile up. If you don’t, you have to say the suit of a card you want. They have the option of either adding another card to the first pile (if they made one), or making a new pile of two cards (which must be of the same suit). You may now take either pile (if there are any). If you choose not to (or they put down no cards), you may name a card of the suit you mentioned previously. If they have that card in their hand, they must give it to you. If they do, you get another turn (you can target the same player again), ad infintum.
Once the current player doesn’t name the correct card (or picks up a pile), their turn ends.

Jokers count as wild cards: you can give them up instead of a named card, or put one down with another card in your second pile (which have to be the same suit). But they don’t count as a card in a complete suit: you have to get all the real cards for that.

And that’s it, really. It’s easy to play once you get the hang of it, and there’s a whole lot of tactics involved. It’s a bit like Go Fish, I suppose, but with so many steroids it’s not even funny.


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