A Demon in the Room

The PCs have explored much of the Deeps now. The latest session has mostly been an attempt to see where the few unexplored passages go. So far, all the options they have are: a bridge, on the other side of which is (allegedly) a Drow city; a pair of tunnels full of spider-webs, that probably don’t go very far; a cave owned by massive Fowl Trolls, one of which is still paralysed (and probably dead) from a previous encounter; and the place the PCs are exploring now, which seems to be a haven of undead (at least, there’s scimitar-weilding zombies, a room full of bones, and skeletal scorpions, so it’s a safe bet).

Oh, yeah, and there’s a demon who says that he is the only one who can help them find the Horn. According to him, he was bound by Tirea, the holy being who made the Horn in the first place. If the PCs unbind him (with a key they found), he will not only give them the location of the Horn, but grant a boon to the one who turned the key. Oh, let the in-party fighting begin.

The party cleric has been promised the true name of the demon’s son, who just happens to be one of the Ten (the demons that are being summoned to bring forth Ragnarok). The illusionist/assassin has been offered the Cloak of Night, a mantle which will allow the wearer to pass “unseen, unheard, unfelt through the night”. The ranger has been offered a lead towards someone who wronged him badly in his past. And the fighter (when he returns) will be offered the resurrection of his fighting dog, who died the last time he was here to crystal scorpions.

The players I live with reckon that the cleric’s offer is the best for the party as a whole, but since it’s the cleric, he won’t be the one to turn the key. The Cloak of Night is probably the next-best one, but the fighter really loves (loved) his dog, so it won’t be an easy sell. Blood will probably be shed over this. The players have called me evil.

They’re right. Muahahahaha!!!!!


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