Undead, and more Undead!

Today’s Cast

  • Fain, a shadowy stalker of the night (Illusionist/Assassin)
  • An as-yet-unnamed cleric from the Barros temple
  • Flynn Rider, a ranger with a troubled past

 This session, the players went deeper into the tombs (for the map, check out Dyson Logos’ Medusa’s Chasm [SPOILERS FOR MY PLAYERS]). Last week, they were standing in a room littered with bones (almost knee-high). This week, the bones began to rise up and attack as skeletons, so the PCs moved on. Still avoiding the room full of skeletal scorpions, they dealt with some zombies, scared away a wraith, and a massive super-zombie with gold plate and a +2 greatsword.

After very cautiously crossing the rickety bridge over the chasm, the party found their way to a large chamber with huge zombie pits. A vampire (dubbed “Many”, for reasons I’ve forgotten) demanded that the party surrendered. Predictably, there was a massive fight, with many hp and XP lost, and temporary negative levels given (a la 3.5, as we’ve all gotten sick of PCs actually losing levels). Eventually, the party beheaded and staked Many, and found the treasure under his coffin. It was a good haul, and Flynn finally levelled up.

My house rule for new characters is that they come in at the bottom of the party’s lowest level (with multi-classed characters having the total XP of an equivalent fighter split between the classes). After over a year of scraping along at level 6, the party has finally all made it to level 7, to much joy and happiness.

On the down side, nearly two years of weekly DMing has worn at me. Once the Horn of Tirea is found, we’re going to take a break from this campaign, and try something new. I offered to GM some sci-fi, but one of the players has taken an interest in Star Wars: Edge of Empire from FFG, so he’s going to take us through the beginning adventures, and we’ll see where that goes.

[EDIT: the following was in my drafts folder for AGES, so I decided I would add it here, to the previous session report, rather than make a new post over a year later.]

We’ve had the last session of the Dragon Hunters campaign for at least the next few months. The party also came as close as they ever have to a TPK.

First, on the bridges over the pit, they encountered a pair of DOOMBATS!!!! (which I’ve been dying to use to a while). Next, they took some time to finish off one section of the dungeon (the skeletal scorpions hanging out around the vampire’s den). Then it was time for the moment they’d all been dreading: facing the demon.

They spent a good half-an-hour discussing exactly what they were going to do. The cleric steadfastly kept out of the conversation, mostly on religious grounds. Then it was mostly back-and-forth between the others for a while over who would get to turn the key and claim the demon’s prize. Eventually, Fain (assassin/illusionist) just went and did it. Everyone waited with baited breath, fearing that the demon would go back on his word (he is a demon, after all), but, being bound by an archon, he had no choice. Fain got his Cloak of Night, the demon was free to go his evil way, and the party was pointed in the direction of the Horn (the secret door was beneath the placewhere the demon was chained, so there was no way they could find it without dealing with the demon in some way).

The steps below the arena led deep, deep, deep. It took the party about 4 hours to get to the bottom, leading them to wonder if the demon hadn’t screwed them over anyway. But eventually, they found the bottom: an ancient complex, half-flooded with dank water, that led out into the Roots of the World, and thereafter the Sea of Night (as per the clues they’d found). Making their way through the complex, the party got attacked by tentacle-eye monsters. As they sailed through the Roots of the World, their boat was ambushed by the big-daddy version. In this fight, all manner of bad things happened. The d12 damage from each of the four tentacles, combined with the paralysis effect, and general bad rolling from the party, led to one character unconscious and bleeding, two paralysed, and one on exactly 1hp (and that after almost dropping his +2 greatsword over the side). But they found the Horn of Tirea, guarded by some (strangely dormant) devil archons, and escaped the dungeon alive.


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