The Siege of Barros!

Finally! I’m back to DMing. As much as I enjoy playing, I really love being behind the screen. So, in celebration of my first game in some time, I decided to make a solid attempt to kill the entire party. By declaring war.

Today’s Cast:

  • Calorath, a pious cleric. (missed the end of Session 1)
  • Fain, a murderer and worker of shadows.
  • Acuâmaân, Elvish sell-sword.
  • Cedric Kain, a powerful veteran. (Session 2)
  • Flynn Rider, a troubled ranger. (Session 2)
  • Devan Bast, wanderer and sorcerer. (mine, relegated now to NPC)

Our heroes woke to strange sounds, and found that the docks of the city were burning, a dragon was breaking the bridges, and a strange ward had been placed around the wizard’s guild. Without a clue as to what was going on,our heroes immediately attempted to free the wizards. The ward, it was determined, badly damaged whatever was thrown through it. Acuâmaân tried to use his helm of blinking to jump through the ward, but he was repelled, and chilled to the bone. They realised that they would need more resources than they had available, and so went to find them, and to do a little reconaissance.

From Devan’s flying carpet, they could see that the city was surrounded: a massive host, with humongous beasts, had camped to the north. To the south was a smaller host: not much of a threat, in itself, but enough to prevent any evacuation. Enemy forces were also trying to dam the river below the city, evidently trying to provide passage for the greater host.

Before they could do anything else, a flight of wyverns approached from the north. Wasting no time, our heroes decided to go into action, and engage them. Fain jumped onto the back of one wyvern, and wrestled with one of its gnoll riders to sieze control of the box it was clutching. Cedric leapt onto another wyvern, and began murdering its riders. Acuâmaân, wielding a bow against the riders, was attacked by the wyverns, and suffered great wounds. Fain kicked the gnoll from the back of the wyvern, and returned to the carpet with his prize. Cedric, on the other hand, found that his now-riderless wyvern was veering away. He tried once more to kill it, but decided to take his chances and jump when it got close to the ground. The crew on the carpet picked him up, and rejoined Calorath on the ground near the temple.

Here, it was announced that Lord Sayle was holding an open meeting of strategy. Our heroes made their way to the Lord’s island fortress where the court was being held. Lord Sayle announced that he had been issued an ultimatum: the city was to surrender by noon, or it, and all its inhabitants, would be razed. So Lord Sayle appointed the party as the city’s general-purpose first-strike team. Their mission was: to free the wizards, to take out the dam (to stop the southern host from being reinforced), to remove the southern host (to allow evacuations), and finally to help Lord Sayle lead the charge against the northern troops and their ferocious beasts.

Highlights of the session included:

  • Acuâmaân knocking himself out while trying to shoot a gnoll.
  • The southern host was easy enough that the party could probably have killed them all by themselves.
  • Fain and Acuâmaân managed to get themselves on the back of the red dragon, and stabbing it in mid-air, and then slitting its throat. Acuâmaân had his helm of blinking… Fain was not so lucky. And he lost his +3 dagger because, well, dragon blood is hot.
  • Calorath’s player finally made a saving throw versus a fear spell!
  • Dinosaurs are tough to kill. Lots of hid dice.
  • In the final fight with Lord Ishtuar, a gold/red dragon hybrid, a few characters came very close to death (especially Acuâmaân). But none of them actually died. So, in that respect, I failed.
  • Lots of XP from monsters and loot. Everyone levelled up, except Cedric, who levelled a session or two ago.

Some Thoughts
(1) Dragons are really hard to use in encounters. Their breath weapon, whether you use straight-hp, or a number of dice, is almost guaranteed to produce a character death. But if you give a few characters the chance to properly melee them for a few rounds, it’s all over for the dragon (as it is for most any monsters).
(2) We had a lot of awesome moments in these two sessions. Most of them involved flying things. I should use flying things more often.
(3) I had some nice NPCs all prepared that never showed up. I’ll have to make sure they turn up later.


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