What happens while the PCs are on watch

Whenever my PCs stop for camp, they always organise a watch roster. Magic-users and clerics usually take the last watch, and the person with the most hit points takes the middle. There’s usually some negotiation to stop the thief from being on watch alone (or at all). It’s all very organised these days.

Behind the screen, I’m really just making stuff up. If I’m not planning on an encounter, nothing happens. If I am, I’ll fiddle with some dice until I make up my mind whether or not to spring it on them. But after a session today (with newbies – they were so much fun!), I’ve finally come up with a table to determine whether or not something interesting happens in the night.

Roll 1d4 if the party is camped in quiet or peaceful territory, 1d6 if it’s normal territory, 1d8 if it’s rough country, and 1d10 (or higher…) in the deep wilderness.

Night Watch Encounters

  • 1-3: nothing to report.
  • 4-5: minor disturbance (heavy rustling, lights, bats, etc.)
  • 6-7: minor encounter
  • 8+: major encounter
Roll separately for each watch (if you’re feeling nasty), or if you roll something, roll 1d6 to determine which watch it occurs on (1-2: first, 3-4: middle, 5-6: last).

[This is the first post I’ve made in a while here… Not that anyone reads this blog anyway, apart from one of my players.]


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