Falling speeds

Have you ever needed to know how fast a PC falls? Sometimes it’s important to know whether they have time for an action on their turn, or just a reaction (usually, it’s just a reaction). I wrote a brief table based on creature size, using 6-second rounds as the basis.

Fall in 1 round Fall per round Time to fall 1 mile
Small 330’ 500’/r 11r
Medium 500’ 930’/r 7r
Large 550’ 1,500’/r (for 2 r); 2,500/r 3r

And here’s the same table in metric:

Fall in 1 round Fall per round Time to fall 1 km
Small 100m 150m/r 7r
Medium 150m 250m/r 4r
Large 170m 600m/r (for 2 r); 850m/r 2r

I make no statements as to the scientific accuracy of the data – I ball-parked a midline weight from the PHB (and, in the case of the large creature, average horse weights), and then rounded to produce pleasing numbers. But I think it’ll do as a decent rule of thumb.

(P.S. I think it’ll be rare that PCs will be flying above the 1-round line. Much more than that and they’re out-of-range for a lot of spells and weapons.)

One thought on “Falling speeds

  1. But as Newton proved, things fall equally fast independently of their weight. Unless they have wings or a parachute or some shit. I don’t understand the need for this.


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