The New Adventurers

  • Time: occasional Sunday afternoons, from 1pm.
  • System: Dragon’s Dungeon Rules
  • Adventure summary:
    • Goblins have started raiding nearby farmland from an old fort, which is rumoured to hide great treasure and a terrible BEESTE.
    • The goblins are many, and their frenzy is terrible.
    • The local baron is willing to pay 500 silver coins (as well as a share of any treasure found) to whoever can liberate the fort.
    • Goblins are noted for their hallucinogenic poisons, their pyromaniac tendencies, and knee-biting abilities.
    • The goblins appear to be in this for the cushy raiding position. No-one knows that the BEESTE might want, or why it tolerates the goblins, or if it even exists.
  • Location: Farmgrove
  • Timetable