An adventure

Now that I’ve finally caught up on my play reports, I’m going to post (you guessed it) an adventure.

One thing about my campaign is that, after the first two sessions in Dyson’s Delve, the party took their loot back to the village and asked the innkeeper to keep an eye on it. Now, as well as a couple of the fighter’s spare weapons, this stash consists of almost 5000gp, a full 5000sp, and 2500cp. I’ve been worrying that this is far too much for a party of 1st-level characters (well, the thief is 2nd, because he’s managed to steal a whole lot more than the others), and I toyed with the idea of getting rid of it.

Now, I know that you’re not supposed to do that. Stealing all your players’ coinage is not a way to win the “GM of the Month” award. But I thought that I might at least take it away from them for a while, and see what kind of response that evoked. So, with that train of thought in mind, I decided to sculpt an adventure with thieves.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to use one of Dyson Logos’ mind-blowingly awesome maps: Grey Dragon Hill. Here’s the map, and the adventure I’ve created (which is statted out for B/X or Labyrinth Lord, the latter of which is my system of choice).

 Thieves’ Den

The ruin sits in the middle of a clearing, with a good view on all approaches. A path (running from west to east) leads out of the forest up to the steps. The wagons the brigands have stolen have been left in the clearing; the horses have been taken inside. The guard on the roof will watch the path and the guards in Room 5 will watch the south approach; the north-east approach is only checked on occasion; if the PCs approach cautiously from this direction, there is only a 15% (3-in-20) chance of them being spotted, as the only guard from this direction will be watching the road.

Two brigands armed with shortbows will be hiding behind the wagons (which they have turned on their sides), ready to ambush the PCs.

All brigands, unless otherwise noted, wear leather armour and have 10sp on them.

1.  A brigand armed with a longbow stands here, watching the road. He will try not to be seen, and his cover gives him +2 to his AC (when attacked from the ground). He has 10sp on him.
Brigand: AC: 8, HD: 1 (5hp), Attack: 1d8, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

2.  A brigand armed with a light crossbow sits here, watching the entrance hall.
Brigand: AC: 8, HD: 1 (6hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

3.  A brigand armed with a light crossbow sits here. There is a 50% chance he is asleep with a bottle in his lap; otherwise, he will be watching the entrance hall.
Brigand: AC: 8, HD: 1 (8hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

4.  Two brigands will be sitting by the stairs, gambling their combined 20sp. The horses are in the northern part of the room. The brigands have short swords.
Brigands: AC: 8, HD: 1 (5hp, 8hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

5.  Two brigands with shortbows wait here at the arrowslits. If they hear fighting in the next room, they will go through.
Brigands: AC: 8, HD: 1 (5hp, 1hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

6.  This is the fake storeroom. In here are three large, locked chests full of stones. Each lock is poisoned (save vs. poison or take 1d3 damage and fall unconscious for 1d4 turns). The door is similarly locked.

7.  Most of the brigands sleep here. This is also their common room. Two brigands will be here, playing with dice on the table. They carry short swords.
Brigands: AC: 8, HD: 1 (5hp, 3 hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

8.  This is the lieutenant’s room. He wears studded leather armour, carries a longsword and a dagger, and will dual-wield if facing multiple opponents. He will emerge if there is fighting in Room 7. He has 10sp in a pouch, and wears a gold ring worth 70gp.
Lieutenant: AC: 7, HD: 1+1 (8hp), Attack: 1d8+1d4, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 9

9.  A small closet containing some spare weapons & armour: 3 shortswords, two shortbows, two suits of leather armour, 20 arrows.

10. Two guards will be out here, probably drinking (-2 on attack rolls). They will try to stop the PCs getting down to the chief’s room. They will not join any battle in the main room. If the battle is going badly, one will try to run downstairs and free the hounds. They are armed with spears.
Drunk Brigands: AC: 8, HD: 1-1 (1hp, 4hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 90′ (30′), Sv: F1, Ml: 7

11. The chief’s two pet hounds are kept here on chains. They can reach anywhere on the lower landing, and will attack any intruders viciously.
Hounds: AC: 7, HD: 2+2 (12hp, 12hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 180′ (60′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

12. This is the chief’s room. He sleeps here, and the main coffers sit here as well. He is armed only with a dagger, and wears studded leather armour; if forewarned of combat, he will wait until the last moment and drink his Potion of Polymorph Self, turning into a wolf. If surprised, he will attack with his dagger, taking -2 to his to-hit rolls so as to try and reach the potion (which is on his bed). He has 20 10gp diamonds.
The three coffers contain 4000cp, 4000ep and 2000gp. They are locked, but not poisoned. A Potion of Clairvoyance rests under the bed. Whatever it was that was stolen from the PCs will be in this room as well.
Chief (human form): AC: 7, HD: 1 (5hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 120′ (40′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8
Chief (wolf form): AC: 7, HD: 2+2 (15hp), Attack: 1d6, Mv: 180′ (60′), Sv: F1, Ml: 8

Hopefully, I’ll run this tonight with my party, and if it goes well (or even if it doesn’t) I’ll post the results.