In Praise of Everything Steampunk

I love steampunk. This last week, I’ve gone on a bit of a steampunk-themed Google binge, and I want to share the results of that with you. (And if you don’t know what steampunk is, just read on).

First, goggles. Goggles look awesome. People make steampunk goggles out of pretty much everything: swimming goggles, welding goggles, preserving jar lids, binoculars… Check out these awesome creations I found: ranging from plain and simple to beautifully complex.


Amazing customized goggles made from a myriad of parts from The Dark Power
Home-made goggles from EPBOT

Second, ray guns. Again, there’s a huge variety: some people spraypaint Nerf guns, and others who make them out of stuff from thrift stores.

Steampunk Nerf gun
Beautiful hand-made gun from EPBOT
It’s got a saw handle. How is that not cool?

There’s a guy who will custom-build you a steampunk laptop. It’ll set you back about $7,500US, but isn’t it amazing?

Finally, some random steampunk pics that illustrate just how fun the genre is.