Dragon’s Dungeon Rules

After a lot of revisions, and tormenting my game group during one-off sessions, I’ve finally crystallized my D&D hack (that I posted about months ago) into a 2-page system. Cool features include:

  • a semi-classless system, using templates and backgrounds for structure and flavour.
  • a wound system, which is basically the same as the hit point system, but does away with all the fiddly little numbers.
  • a port of Burning Wheel’s beliefs, traits, and instincts, and its Wises (in a manner of speaking).
  • a mana-based casting system.
  • a stamina mechanic.
  • a free-form weapon creation system, balanced for 5e.
  • simplified encumbrance.
  • concise combat rules that allows for a lot of tactical thinking and not just swing-swing-miss-swing.
  • non-combat conflict resolution systems – one based off Savage Worlds’ social conflict mechanic, and one from Dungeonesque’s montage rules.
  • a simple and unobstrusive skill proficiency system which allows for plenty of customization if the player wants (inspired by the GLOG and Telecanter‘s House Rules Selection). It includes the Talent mechanic from Advanced Old-School-Style Microlite20.

It’s pretty flexible (in my opinion): you can make just about any class with the right combination of templates, background, wises, and skill selection (and magical powers, for full casters). Races are pretty easy. You can plug in the spell list of your choice, although I have posted my own here.

And, most importantly, I think there’s lots of material for all of you to hack out for house-rules of your own. That’s how this started. I’m just passing more ideas onto you guys.

Download it here.