Poetic Names

This isn’t really a gaming post, but it’s something that could be useful in a game, at least.
For the novel I’m working on (pseudo-medieval fantasy), I’m trying to come up with the names of heroes of a recent war, who are already being made into songs. The novel follows the story of one of these heroes.

The names I have so far are:

  • Daxos the Ironhand, a fierce warrior with a magitek arm.
  • The Sellsword King, actually a prince of one of the kingdoms fighting for independence.
  • Zorlock’s Three, a group consisting of two wizards and a warrior (my protagonist is Zorlock, one of the wizards).

Bar these, I can’t really think of any other similarly-evocative names that tell the reader a lot about the character in question. It has to do that, and also capture the romance of an epic song or poem, as would be told by bards, etc. Does anyone know if there’s a good generator for such things, or simply suggestions?